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hydrogen peroxcide is a great way to whiten your is baking soda. make a paste and brush it on your if you have a black lite then keep your mouth open and your lips above your teeth while you are in direct path of the florecent lite... the lite activates the hydrogen peroxcide and your teeth come out beautiful... approved by my dentist

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Unhappy Incisor Owner going to try this


Very interesting! Im going to try as well. Has anyone else tried this method?


This does sound interesting! i think i am g oing to try it as well(: but hmm, how long do i have to keep it on?

fake name :p

wow i tried this today sept. 6 10 and in 5 minsk it mackes them white im doing this 4 ever!!


where could i purchase peroxide?


peroxide can be purchased at Wal Mart, Kroger or CVS. Its very inexpensive.
This does work, I am 48 years old, I smoke and drink alot of coffee. The other day, my neighbor and her 12 yr old daughter came over, she looked at me and goes OMG, your teeth are so white.
All I could do was smile and tell her my secret. You will love the results.


how long do you use the blacklight for???


WOW!!! It really works thanks!!! :)


Where do you get this black light at

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