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I noticed my plantar wart back in November/December but was unsure of its identity as such. At first, I thought I had steppe don something and it was irritating the skin on my foot, causing it to swell, hurt, and appear infected. In January/February, I realized this was not the case, and I, in fact, had a plantar's wart.

I first tried treating it with a 'Wart Stick,' which resembles chapstick in all of its qualities save the presence of Salicylic acid. This proved disasterous, as the topical treatment easily smeared because of its texture and was thus ate away the healthy skin surrounding the wart, which I eventually had to cut away. After allowing the area to completely heal (I applied Neosporin antibiotic ointment to it and covered the area with a gigantic bandaid, as I was terrified of getting an infection), I tried a new approach: Dr. Scholl's medicated plantar wart removal discs.

After doing so for about 2-3 weeks, I became impatient. I then read that aloe vera gel (get the kind that has few to no extra additives) has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can kill warts-- it sounded like a plan.

After only about 3-5 days of consistently applying aloe gel to a cottonball and taping the cottonball over my wart after washing the area thoroughly, I noticed a change. The wart was beginning to turn a light grey, which I knew it does before it turns black and dies.

One day, as I was in a hurry and did not have time to mess with cottonballs, aloe, and tape, I instead decided just to cover the wart with one of Dr. School's medicated plantar wart disks and protective covers. Note: these both stick directly to the skin... so when I went to remove them later on, I ended up pulling and having a section of the wart come off, too! Realizing that this was exactly what I wanted, I grabbed a pair of tweezers, gritted my teeth, and pulled off the rest of the wart. (Note: I pulled off the exterior part of the wart only... I left the internal 'root' alone and did no digging of any sort into my foot. I figured continued applications of aloe would now go directly to the root and kill the virus.)

So... I continued to frequently wash the area and put aloe and a bandaid over the hole that was left behind for a week or so until it closed up and appeared healed. It's been just over a month-- the area appears completely healed and I can barely recognize any scar at all. I am sure none will remain in the future.


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i thought i stepped on a piece of glass because it was a lump in my foot


So did the roots just die off inside your foot? You said that you left them alone and continued with the aloe, so I was just curious if the pain from the root went away.

Thanks for this advise!


Does it hurt??? Cause I have one on my foot and I'm only a little kid y'know? So.., I'm really scared that it's going to hurt really really can you plz answer this??? :'(


ok im a little kid to and i dont know what it is it looks like a planters wart but feels like glass and omgee it hirts soo if yo ucould pllzz tell me does it hurt ???? :( !!!!


hey there, sorry i fail at responding. no, it did not hurt at all. aloe gel does not sting or anything; it's great. just put it on as often as possible. the wart will die and start to come off, at which point you can pull it off if you want or just keep applying aloe until you are more comfortable with trying to pull it off or whatever. as for applying it to the 'root,' no, it did not hurt. the wart never came back and i have no scar. i would avoid picking at the wart because i feel like that would hurt a ton.

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