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While apple cider vinegar provides many health benefits to our teeth and body it is also important to take precautions when ingesting the acidic concoction. If used incorrectly, the cider vinegar has the capability of eroding the tooth enamel. However, if diluted and used correctly, the vinegar provides us with a healthy way to whiten and clean teeth between dentist visits.

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water becomes an easy and effective mouthwash for our teeth and gums. The mixture is weak enough to keep tooth enamel in tact, yet strong enough to remove tartar deposits that build up between dentist visits. Used daily, the mixture has the capability of reducing deposits and safely whitening your teeth dramatically. This cider vinegar mouthwash, along with daily brushing, is an effective remedy in preventing tooth decay...and making your next dentist visit much less painful!

The same cider-water mixture can also be used to relieve sore gums and ulcers. Rinsing your mouth with the concoction will ease the pain of sore gums and pesky ulcers. Just one more reason why apple cider vinegar should become a part of your daily toothbrushing routine! For ulcers, however, you may want to dilute the mixture with more water to prevent stinging from the acidic quality of the vinegar.

The rules of using apple cider vinegar for healthy teeth are simple - a little vinegar diluted with water will do the trick! Becoming a part of your daily routine, cider vinegar mouthwash will promote clean and healthy pearly whites and pain-free gums for years to come.

Now, time to mix that mineral-infused concoction, and prepare to make your dentist proud!

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How long does it take to whiten your
teeth with the mouthwash? I am going
to try this because it seems safe and
beneficial and is very diluted. thanks!


(: I Tried This, But I Am Still Waiting For The 'Good' Results.


I for one would just like to say thank you for being informed, concise, objective, and thorough. I've been through pages of these threads and it's rather difficult to sift through the vulgarity, fear mongering, and downright bad advice. Even if all my teeth fell out tomorrow because I used your technique, here's to you!


This sounds good and I will try. Cider vinegar is an aged old remedy for a whole lot of things, so why not for teeth and breath?. Thanks.

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