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I just read all of the comments dating back till 2005
My yorkie has had mange for about 6 months
have tried everything - exceopt the dip she was on antibiotics and also oral ivermectin which did nothing for a month
vet biils of over a thousand dollars
pets best treatment
now her skin is turning black and losing her hair -she is 14 yrs old and has been with me loinger than any husband (3) I am exausted
will go out right now to try this borax and peroxide - she has demodex mange accordign to the scraping at the vet
she has had all bloos work done since the vet thought she must have cancer or some other undelyign disease but she is health otherwise except for a cataract in her eye
I have another Yorkie and was afraid that it is communicable but the vet said it wasnt
I am also going to wash all of her toys and her bedding and blankets towels in Borac and peroxide in the washing machine
Il let you knwo soon what happened
Thank you

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amber cecelia

i heard on another post that people have tried pine sol and water and it worked but it was bad to use because of the chemicals in the pine sol.another one said to take a lemon and cut it keeping the peel on and boil it, then use the water to put all over the dog. well i was thinking that if you could do that with a lemon and the only thing bad in pine sol is the chemials but the pine oil is what you need then couldn't you take a bunch of gree pine needles and boil them and do the same with the water? i would like to hear anyones thoughts on that because i have a dog i just saved from bad people and she is covered in mange and i have no money or ideal of what i can do to help her.


I was told by an old farmer that he puts udder cream (it has to be the real stuff they use on the cows)on his dogs if they get mange and it is great , i am about to try it on my dog.


My 9 year old dog is now showing signs of mange. UGH!
Her smell is unbearable--more than usual. I have a golden retriever and she's always had a bad smell to her skin and digging herself until I discovered she had allergies to the food she was eating years back...but aweful. She's raw on her under-belly and the smell is far beyond anything I've ever smelled before. The only thing that describes it is death and decay [terrible to say]
I'm going to try the borax and peroxide sollution just to see if it works. But I've also read that mange is contagious?! I have another dog, a cat, and 3 kids. No one else is showing signs as of right now and it's been about a week.
I'm hoping it just sticks with the one dog!!
I never dreamed having a dog would be so much trouble...and the poor thing can't help it.


Ok everybody, here is the truth... dont and i mean DONT let anyone tell you it is not good for the animal.
first... before i tell you how, let me
tell you why it will work. mites live under the skin of an animal (dog) the more the dog scratches the worst it gets because the dog is getting closer to the mites so it will dig further into the skin, soon the dogs skin will turn black and scaley but dont worry i had a dog that scratched till he bled and i was exhausted trying to help him,so i called around asking for ANYTHING that would save my dog,i got my answer and i will sware by it but after i heard what would do it i had to know why... and it all makes since,and that is why you have to know too. here it is (hydrolic fluid )yep... 'thats it' first time i heard about it i said ewwwwww that is so messy and cruel ewwww. but then i was told why it works, it is thinner than oil so it spreads over the animals body quicker, but motor oil is so thick it wont spread,unless it is burnt motor oil because burnt motor oil is thinner.after that i was told that the oil sinks down into the first layer of the skin and swells the mites up and then the mites die,and that made perfect since to me. so I tried it... raw skin too... it hurt me to put it on him but i did and he rolled around in the dirt until he had dirt eyes LOL,but i wasnt worried about him getting the oil off because as soon as you put the oil on the dog it is thin enough to sink in fast so let your dog roll in dry dirt and it takes the oil off the hair and he isnt oily anymore.but just know that the oil IS working. I have saved my dogs.
one more thing...
if oil was bad for the skin or dangerous to the skin we would'nt have mechanics, there hands would fall off. And that is a fact!

Thank you for letting post this home remedy.
Take care of your animals.


To the person whos their VET told them that mange is not contagious...FIRE that VET! It is contagious to your other animals and to humans!


, but humans are not good hosts for them and they died within 3 days. The mites leave what looks exactly like mosquito bites. Sometimes with a small white head in the middle of the red bite.

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