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To get rid of CRACKED HEALS apply a large amount of bepanthem cream to where they are cracked and wrap some cling wrap around you heel (but not to tight or it will cut off circulation) then put on a pair of socks and leave overnight. the cream will rapidly absorbe into that area and after a few days the crackS will be healing nicely. my heels used to crack so bad i could hardely walk on them. i used this method and IT WORKED!!! now i apply it once a week just to make sure they remain crack free.

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you dont need to wrap it in saranwrap. that doesnt allow your feet to breath

just use petroleum jelly on your feet at night and put on socks... and sleep away.

within a few days youll see practically immediate results!!

you can go to the dollar store and get petroleum jelly for $1! and itll last you FOREVER

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