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Let the nail grow out. If it has grown out and you have a 1/8th of an inch over hang then try this. In the center of the nail, (usually the toes) clip a v section as deep as you can reach in the center of the toenail. This allows the nail to grow inward at the V and pulling the sides upward instead of downward to the skin. Works for me...

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nails (toe or finger) grow from back to front only. This 'v' trick does nothing more than snag your socks on it.


My grandma and mom always told me to do this, too. I accidentally caught the big toenail on my right foot on my grandma's screen door one time and ripped the nail off. This can sometimes cause you to get a chronic ingrown toenail. Ever since, I have cut one or two deep v's in my nail and soaked it in warm epsom salt water, and after a month or so, it goes away. The trick is to catch it as early on as possible.

Rebekah Sena

For the person that said this procedure does nothing more than snag your socks well let me tell you , you are so wrong I had the worst ingrown toe tails ever so bad that my toe was purple and i had a pin size hole at the end of my toe it hurt like hell and i could see my nail through the hole and i tried cutting my toe nail into a v and wouldn't you know it , this really works I recommend this method before you surgically have it removed i have recommended this method many times and it works every time


This is not true. Your nails grow from the back to front ALWAYS...they grow outward not together, closing the V you cut. This will lead to worse problems eventually!

johua oran robertson

seriously all the docs ive gone to say thats the biggest waist of time on toenails and it never works even ask ur pedeatritionist o and i may be bad at spellin but just because im a kid dosnt me i havnt researched every way to get it fixed so sorry but old wives tales havent been right once so far with me


My Grandmother does the V cut and it has always worked for her.


My sons dr. told me to do the same thing. So, it must have worked for someone :)

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