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I have had psoriasis for almost 2 years. I recently ran across a lady from India who advised me that sea salt helps. She also advised me to take one sea salt/epsom salt bath a week and a oatmeal bath the following day. The sea salts helps remove toxins from your body while the oatmeal helps moisten your body. Throughout the week take showers using dove but let the water immediately rinse as you wash so that it doesnt completely remove your natural body oils, take 2 cups of sea/epsom salt and pour into a warm bath soaking no more than about 30 mins at most. As you are letting your water run out of the tub rinse again with warm water, use soft lotion everyday. I personally have started using dove everything (soap, body wash, deodorant, and shampoo and conditioner) because it is very mild. The next day take an old stocking and fill the foot with real oatmeal and let it run under the faucet as you run a warm bath. Again 30 mins at most. Long shower with strong soaps reduce your body's oils and can cause your condition to worsten. I wont say this is the best thing to do for everyone, but my condition seems to be getting better by the week.

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