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REmedy For Panic Attacks.
I help people with panic attack problems having been a sufferer myself. Panic attacks are caused by shifting of the solarplexes which is well documented in ancient ayurvedic texts as NABHI CHAKRA or MANIPURA. You can get plenty of references on the internet about this.The center is located behind the belley button.It shifts due to lifting heavy weights,jerky movements, while doing stomach exercising etc. As there is no pain the victim notices nothing.But almost immediately the ill effects are felt depending on how it has shifted.
If the center moves down from itsl ocation the person will have constant loose motions not responding to drugs.
If it moves up there is stubborn constipation not relieved by laxatives. If it moves to the left there is impotence and infertility. If it moves to the right the person gets anxiety attacks.
The main stream doctors are not aware of this problem. Instead they poison the person with all sorts of drugs. A Yoga teacher can cure it in seconds by yogasana and manipulation. There are of course several methods to cure it oneself.
Once it moves back to position the cure as instantaneous as the first attack.
Please contact me at if you need more details. I am ready to help.

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I have been having what I think are Anxiety attacks for over a year now and its taking over my life, I feel horrible, I have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix my self and now I'm broke and I don't know what to do! I was hoping that you could help me, my email is I really need help from someone! I can't take it anymore


Correcting my navel position has really helped me overcome my panic attacks. I havent had one since last eight months. Before that i had panik attacks every evening for two months straight.vikas_baghla at yahoo dot com


i am interested in finding out more information.


Please email me some information on how to relieve anxiety. I have been suffering for 5 years now.

susan thiel

please help me i have been suffering from panic disorder for 3 yrs please email me at i really need help


I have been suffering for panic attacks for about a year. I would like more info, pls email Thank You!


I would like some information on this.. I got my first panic/anxiety attack when I was 13yrs old. I am now 25, the last three months I feel as if my symptoms are coming back...unable to concentrate..unable to grocery shop without a cold rag on my shoulder ( just incase I should have an episode). I took paxil when I was about 13 but only for a couple months... I have NOT taken any meds for the last 12 yrs and have not had an episode until 6 months ago...then 3 months ago.. now every day I feel like Im not myself. I do not want to take meds that is the last resort for me.. I know I am bigger than a pill!! Thats how I got away from it in the first place. I have three children and a husband and would just love to be myself again ( happy, fun and energetic)


Hi, I have had panic attacks since I was around 14 years and I am now 23. I was prescribed to paxil and was on that about 8 years and finally been off it for almost a year. Yes the withdrawl was horrible!
I am now starting to get my attacks again and is ruining my life! I really need help before this makes me go insane! Thank you. My email is


Hi, I havent had real bad anxiety attacks in about a year i started getting them after my daughter was born im guessing from the post partum
but lately just like the last 3 days i have been feeling symptoms i was wondering if you could email me more about your solution


more info?

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