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I had 2 terribly impacted wisdom teeth removed 13 days ago(on March 21). I have been thru 2 antibiotics(Augmentin and Cephalexin), 2 bottles of Vicadin(no relief), currently Darvocet(takes the edge off), and 4 packings(twice by dentist and twice by oral surgeon who performed the extractions). The surgeon's packings gave me more relief, so I called him to ask if he could send me some more packings to do at home myself(he's 2 hours away). He informed me that the meds. lose their strength over time so mailing/shipping was not an option. But, he said to call my pharmacy and ask for Eugenol, the active ingredient in the paste that he uses. I called CVS Pharmacy, who didn't have it on hand, but will order it for availability tomorrow. It costs $8.50, and you just put 1(one) drop into the socket. He also told me if I couldn't find Eugenol, to get clove oil/oil of cloves, and again, one drop into socket. After I get and try the Eugenol tomorrow, I will post my results.

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