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Wanda Woodworth

Apply the sap from common milkweed* (Asclepias syriaca) to the wart (WARNING: THIS HAS NOT been used on genital warts). The sap is sticky, but once it dries it forms a sheen over te wart. Wash /peel it off and replace with fresh sap frequently. This doesn't hurt and is effective.

I found this wild plant on our farm in Northeast Pennsylvania. It is 4-6 feet tall with pinkish flower - Monarch butterfly larvae eat this. The plant forms seed pods filled with soft silky stuff. Just break off a leaf and the white sap oozes out. You can take a piece of the stem and wrap it in aluminum foil and refrigrate it. Just break off a piece of it to get the sap out.

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Be very careful to not get milkweed milk in your eyes.

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