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I have severe eczema and dry skin every where. When I learned of this remedy I wasn't so sure until I felt the hand of the person who told it to me and wow!
All you have to do is make a paste (it works better when it's not runny) of sugar and lemon juice and scrub it in good then rinse off well. If your not a believer, just try it on your hands even once and you'll see immediatly what a difference it makes. Keep using at least once a day and in 1 week wow! In 2 weeks, double wow!!
It is even taking away the age spots! My skin looks years younger! I use this everywhere! Face, body, arms legs, hands, feet.
If you have ever used expensive scrubs throw them out cause this remedy will beat them all!!!!!!! (And is much cheaper!!)
I promise this is the best remedy ever!
Let me know what you think!
TRY IT!!!! :)


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first of all i tried it and it worked but i dont know if i got the measurements for each ingredient right. can anyone clarify?

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