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Nature Boy Willow

I went to cvs our local drug store and bought a bottle of chigarid, it helps for about 2-3 hours tops and its very expensive too considering i had them from the waist down. so i was told by a friend to use kerosene and i tried it. it worked great no more itching for 1 whole day, although you smell like kerosene for the day. Also if you plan to go into the woods a good way to prevent chiggers and ticks from attacking you is spray your legs and boots with a high concentrated mixture of garlic and water. it will keep them off you. Much safer than spraying yourself with that chemical [ DEET ] found in most insect repelants. I also found that wiping youself down with a fabric softner sheet will keep the gnats from biting you on those hot summer days.

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Chigarid will help kill the insect and ease itching, but to prevent getting chiggers, put sulfa powder in a sock and 'dust' your shoes, socks and clothing when in chigger infested areas or your yard. It will smell bad, but it keeps ticks,chiggers, mosquitos away. Do not use if you are allergic to sulfa medications or sulfa products. You can also apply full strength ammonia to the bite for a few minutes and the itch will subside.

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