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Use tea-tree oil instead of deodorant or antiperspirant (which is very bad for you). It works *loads better* than antiperspirant, and somehow even when you sweat, you don't stink. Very cool.

I have only just discovered this, and it's changed my entire routine. It's my greatest discovery.

The only downfall is that you may not like the smell. I know I do, and my boyfriend does too, however!

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Prevents B O no matter what you eat.
Sweaty clothes a week old don't smell.
The Receipt:
32 Oz. pure honey
16 Oz. pure maple syrup
8 Oz. tap water (optional)
2 Heaping table spoons of aluminum free baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
Heat until it looks like it’s going to boil (about 180%)
(At high altitudes it may start to boil)
Stir well and turn off the heat. Properly prepared it will not separate.
As a deodorant: One table spoon by mouth twice a day.
Stops odor on all skin areas of the body and retards some others even if you stop bathing
for weeks. AS a test I went two weeks without a shower using no other Deodorant I had absolutely no noticeable body odor in any area. (I am a very active 78 year old man) Jake Sysk
PS. Sleep all night, no more gotta go gotta go.


does it really work?/?????????????????? ''promise':' if so where can we get ''coffe tea oil::

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