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I find a good remedy for my hubby's snoring is to give him an elbow to the ribs. He automatically flips onto his side.
If that doesn't work, i try squeezing his nostrils shut. That usually wakes him up so i can tell him he needs to move to the couch. lol

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btw if u aint tryna get a rib shot: FIND YER OWN WAY TO STOP!!!


This is so funny I laughed uncontrollable for about five minutes! I give my hubby a good old shove to make him change positions when I get tired of hearing the freight train our bedroom has become. He hates being woken up so he fusses about been pushed in his sleep! Can you imagine? When he is taking away years of sleep from from my life . I tell him when he gets up that I am going to suffocate him, he laughs.


This is the first night i have tried this remedy, it has worked so far , i just hope it continues, i haven't had any sleep in over 4 days and with a physical condition not been able to sleep is critical. Thanks so much for the advice. I will definitely continue to try this remedy.


crap am ready to tear my head out, it has gone way past the funny stage, am with my partner for three years and i love him to bits but his snoring is out of control it has caused more arguments between us, i get to bed the snoring has started doesn't matter if he's on his side tummy or back although it is much worse when hes on his back, i like awake for hours looking at clock at this stage am prob already crying if i nudge him he usually wakes up yelling why am i nudging him, i tell him hes snoring keeping me awake, five mins later he back to snoring land, there have been nights i thought i was going crazy as a pillow over his mouth came to mind this is no joke, i usually get up and go to the couch and i hate this because its cold and uncomfortable but only way i can get to sleep, everything my partner does now irritets me, i feel so sleep deprived moody and down, and when i try to tackle him i get the answer it is me who has the problem as am always nagging, he dosen't see that the snoring is destroying our relationship

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