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I had been suffering from bladder infections badly.
I was doing all the things the dr suggested and still was in once a month for antibiotics.
I was desperate and frustrated. FINALLY one of my friends told me something that seemed so simple.

'Get your boyfriend to change his soap'.

He was as desperate as i was for things to get better, so he did. He had been using 'Irish spring sport' and I made him switch to a gentle soap, Dove. The difference was amazing! I went from having 12 bladder infections a year, to one every 2 years...

I am forever grateful for that advice

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You might want to try Dr. Bronners unscented soap. It's organic non irritating and gentle enough for babies. You can dilute it 18- 1 with water. A 16 oz bottle is about ten bucks at whole foods or trader joes. You can use it for laundry , dishes, hair and just about anything you need to clean. Safer for you and the environment. I started researching healthy alternatives to medicines and commercial products due to my own health issues. I feel almost 100% better and it's only been a few months. Also don't let the docs tell you what you need. They r not trained in nutrition. What you put in and on your body greatly affects your health. I have learned that from my own illnesses. I have dealt with repeated staph and sinus/ lung infections. Best of luck to you and your boyfriend.


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