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I put full strength tea tree oil on my problem areas every night and I have had fantastic results! It can be drying, so you probably want to moisturize too. My blackheads were pretty much gone in about a week and a half.

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i use all sorts of tea tree oil stuff.
it makes my skin look softer but it didnt help my black heads. what product do you use , exactly?


I use tea tree oil too on my blackheads that i get around my mouth. At first, I tried rubbing it off with a warm towel... that just made it really red! I decided to bring out the tea tree oil and over night, the redness was gone! I use this stuff every night and sometimes during the day. This really works!


For some (especially those with sensative skin) full strength/undiluted tea tree (or other essential oils) is too strong and will cause a burning and reddening effect. Which is why many recommend diluting with a relatively bland carrier oil such as light olive oil or sesame, etc.

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