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I have VERY bad nasal allergies durring the spring time, i get so congested and im blowing my nose constantly.

boil water in a pot with salt in it, untill its steaming, put your head over the pot with a towl over your head, and breath the steam in, it clears out your nose for a long time.

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haha! U might as well stick your head in the pot!!


my mom had me do that when i was young... i totally hated BUT it worked!


I just tried this its works very very well!!!


I just tried it too and it worked really well. Thanks!

sarah lee

I'm gonna try it hopefully it works sneezing like I'm going insane sinus is really annoying!


Worked very well, and instantly. Boiled water, with a lot of sea salt, just enough to where the salt will not remain crystallized. sniff the fumes in for about a minute.

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