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I had adult onset asthma for 14 years. I was maxing out on my 3 medicines and still couldn't get it under control. Two years ago, I was desperate and thought I would research to see if new medical research showed anything I could do. After research, I started taking the following daily: 1-2 Tbsp. ground flaxseed in yogurt; Magnesium; Calcium;Co Q-10; Zinc; Vit D; Vit E; Vit C; Omega 3 Fish oil 2 capsules a day; Flaxseed oil 2 capsules (not good for men); selenium; B-50; 1 folic acid; gingko. This was in addition to my regular vitamin. I was hoping for a 10-25% improvement in breathing, and did not expect a reversal in the disease. I was very surprised to be able to no longer need my meds within a month. I think the Omega 3's in the flaxseed stopped the inflammation and I've read it takes about 2 weeks for them to affect every cell in the body. I don't take zinc or selenium everyday now as that is not recommended. But considering I used to have allergies 9 months out of the year and severe asthma with that, I am amazed. I am like I was before the asthma. I only need my inhaler if I am severely exposed to dust or an allergen now. In fact, I had to throw one out that expired and hadn't been used up. Another help I discovered was the Oxycise breathing method to open lung airways if exposed to allegens. I hope this helps you. I recommended it to another asthma sufferer and he was able to go off his meds as well.

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can you specify the number of milligrams and of each of the vitamins/supplements you are recommending? Can you also specify how many times a day to take each one? Where did you discover this solution?


Many different supplements can help you improve your over-all health with asthma. While research cannot yet confirm that supplements alone will cure your asthma, they are always a great way to be healthier. A great Multivitamin Supplement that combines a lot of those things you mention is BreatheFree Multivitamin. It's a comprehensive vitamin that they designed for people with asthma. It has a lot of great ingredients and is full of many great antioxidants, which is important for people with asthma because we tend to have too much oxidative damage. (antioxidants help reverse this damage).


I am so glad to know there is an alternative to taking inhalers and prednisone. I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 54, and no one in my family has asthma. Never in my life have I had to take medicine for a prolonged period and I feel incapacitated to have to take them now. I'm going to try this regiment of vitamins because it just plain makes sense. What also baffles me about my case is that I went to an allergist who pricked me 60 times and I showed no allergies. I'm thinking my immune system must be compromised rather than the fact that half way through my life I developed some sensitivity to an envirnoment. Thank you for sharing these tips and I am looking forward to returning to this site and letting you know that they worked well for me. Wish me good health!!!

Jaymie Parnell

I am going to try this; as the other gent. said; I am 47 yr. old female had always been in great health! Out of the blue I was stricken with sever asthma and upperesitory infections, I have been off antibiotic now for 2mon. Out of two yrs. I have became a vegan, now exercise as much as possible, but still wheezing, & on symbicort! I want off all this if possible! I won't own it!!! never


I recommend:

Ginko extract 60-240 mg per day

Magnesium 600mg per day

Fish oil 1000mg 3 x per day

Evening Primrose oil 1000mg 3 x per day

3 x cups strong black coffee per day

All of these are natural anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers or bronchial-dialators and will successfully tackle the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Combine with regular exercise, weight management and deep breathing exercises.

I am a chronic sufferer who developed symptoms as an adult and suffers daily. I am prescribed a total of seven medicines to manage my asthma and allergy symptoms and was desperate to find a cheaper alternative. I found this combination to be really effective.

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