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Raw Mushrooms work!
I read in a small book on home remedies to take a raw mushroom or slices and apply immediately to a burn. It will not only relieve the pain, but will promote healing so that you often don't end up with a blister and if you do, it will heal in a day or 2. I burnt my fingers badly not long after reading that and applied mushrooms pieces to it. The throbbing pain stopped and I placed bandages to gently secure the mushrooms. (It will smell like mushrooms but it is worth it!) I left them on overnight and the next day, the skin was discoloured but no blister. It healed up so rapidly (within the next day) that I was amazed. I keep mushrooms in the freezer in a baggie for this purpose, and I wouldn't to be without them. I wish a burn specialist would find out what is in this and use it on the poor patients they treat.

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Thats almost a believable excuse for the bag of mushrooms in your freezer. Keep telling the story it becomes easier to tell each time. The purple rings are the pathway to a tiny hole in the center.

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