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Tammy in Indiana

My grandaughter came for the weekend and I noticed her itching her head. Called mom. She checked all the family and no one had it. So I checked the little one I had. We did not think she had them. But I was going to treat anyway and looked on line to see about home remedies. I tryed one and wow. It immedately proved she had 3 adult ones. It immediatly killed them. then looking through her hair when wet I say the eggs. There were not many so we had found it right away. We got all the eggs out and she is free from them with one treatment and they did not return. Thanks so much for sharing. We put Listerine on her dry hair and put a cap over her hair for 2 hours, then rinsed and put white vinigar on for 1 hour using a different cap. then we rinsed and washed her hair with Dawn dish soap. the combo of the 3 did the trick. Hope this helps someone else like it did us.

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THANK YOU! I live alone and couldn't check my head. Everything I found about lice dealt with instructions for parents with children. I went through hundreds of dollars and 4 months of treatments that were sometimes very painful: Lice Away compound from the pharmacy, lots combing and lots of hair loss, Lice MD causing more hair loss, olive oil treatments, nightly hair gel and hair glue, hairspray, very hot blow drying. All in addition to vacuuming, bedding spray, washing in hot water, pillows in the dryer ... all just to have nymphs hatch and bite on my poor scalp, sometimes the very next day!

Thanks, updated

I really could cry because this seemed to work at first but turns out it didn't. I used it several times for about a week but gave up because the lice would crawl around as soon as it dried.

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