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Boil 1 cup of Milk
1 tbl spoon of Butter in the milk while still boiling. Mix together.
Insert the ButterMilk in a cup and insert a herbal chamomile tea bag inside mix and let it sit for a few minutes til the tea bag is disolved and milk changed color.
Put some honey in it, mix and enjoy. Its good for ur throat.

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Ive had the worst sore throat that i have ever had for the past 3 days. Im trying this remedy right now and even though my throat still hurts it feels better after just a couple of sips. I cant wait to see how it will feel after i finish the whole cup!


Well im kind of disapointed with this one. As i said before it help initially but after a little bit it burned to drink it and the milk made me produce more mucous which made me cough mre which just irratated my throat.


Thanks for this remedy it taste good and seems to be helping my throat.


never consume dairy products with allergies or any kind of sickness i learned that in fifth grade..Wtf

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