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The raw bacon really works!! I remember as a child, I stepped on dirty, broken glass. Naturally, a nasty infection followed, complete with red streak reaching to my ankle. A neighbor wrapped my foot with a strip of raw bacon, across the wound, and within hours, the streak was gone. With normal care (clean and dry) the wound healed quickly with no problems.

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I am 48 and I have used bacon to draw out infections splinters and even slivers of glass. I don’t know why it works I don’t care why it work I just know it works. I am a fingernail biter and I get horrible infections from hangnails. I wrap it with bacon and go to sleep and by morning it’s almost normal. Of course it has to heal after suffering damage from the infection but the infection itself is gone. Never fails works everytime. I got a cut on my leg raftering down a river. Doctor gave me antibiotics. I never used them. My leg had a swollen red nasty leaking spot big as a golf ball (maybe bigger) I applied bacon and did the “squeeze” method to remove the infection and within three days the swelling went away and the infection was gone.

I don’t ask why it works. I JUST KNOW IT WORKS.

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