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The raw bacon really works!! I remember as a child, I stepped on dirty, broken glass. Naturally, a nasty infection followed, complete with red streak reaching to my ankle. A neighbor wrapped my foot with a strip of raw bacon, across the wound, and within hours, the streak was gone. With normal care (clean and dry) the wound healed quickly with no problems.

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I have used this as strange as it sounds it really works.


I have a small infection and am willing to try this method if somehow you could put some scientific reason bahind it as to WHY it works,,


I have an bacterially infected toe stemming from athletes foot.

I am willing to try a few things before seeking a doctor.

Curious, how long do you keep the bacon on the infected area.

Would you recommend wrapping my pinky toe with bacon??

Seems crazy, but I will give it a try.


I'm really nervous about exposing my infection to raw meat. But I'm willing to try it if I can find some scientific reasonings.


My dad wrapped my infected finger in bacon 50 years ago and I laughed at him!! I did it though and the next morning my finger felt great! I think it is the fat in the bacon that does it. I am sitting here right now (first time in 50 yrs) with a piece of bacon wrapped around my finger with a plastic bag on it. I'm hoping that in the morning it will be better!


I really hope this works because I have a toe infection right where the outside nail meets the skin of my big toes and as of recently don't have any health insurance. Does anyone know to what extent wrapping in bacon needs to be done and for how long?


I got bacon on my Toe right now!! Its raw bacon on my TOE!! I am doing this ! Thanks for the tip man1


I just recently stopped bresstfeeding and i now have an infection. My mother in law told me to use raw bacon to draw it out. She said her dad used todo it and it really works! We shal see.


it works.... the bacon is cured with salt. the salt draws out the infection and the fat protects & pads the wound. Fantastic for ingrown big toe nails!

Cat Bite Infection

I know this method works for drawing out foreign objects such as slivers, metal shavings, etc. I always keep a baggie of raw bacon fat in my freezer so I always have it on hand for such cases. For the application, I put a piece of the bacon fat over the area, cover with a thick gauze and tape or band-aid it, sleep with it on over night and in the morning when you take the bandage off, your sliver or foreign object will be stuck in the bacon fat. I had never used in in the case of and infection but my cat bit me on Christmas eve and I developed an infection. While I am aware that a cat bite is very serious, I didn't mess around and off to the immediate/urgent care in the morning and was prescribed a strong dose of antibiotics however it is day 4 of the antibiotics and the swelling has gone down but today, the wound site is very red and tender. I put a piece of bacon fat on it with hopes that it will be better in the morning. This was the reason I was looking on the internet regarding using bacon fat on infections and came across this site.

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