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Serena Michelle

I have suffered from nausea (morning sickness) for 2 out of 3 pregnancies.

Following are some non-medicine remedies that have worked well for me.

* Red Raspberry Leaf tea
* Peppermint tea - or a peppermint candy
* Papaya and fruit enzymes chewable tablets. These work to help your digestive system by breaking down food in the stomach. Nausea is sometimes triggered by food that doesn't break down and just sits around in the stomach. These are taken after a meal.
(Available at virtually all health food stores)
* GINGER - in all forms:

Ginger tea (bring water to a boil and add slices of a 2 inch piece of ginger; simmer for 15 minutes; strain and drink - can be sweetened if necessary)

You can also try sucking on a piece of ginger - or eating some ginger candy. Ginger pills work too - they just take a bit longer to kick in.

Real, old-fashioned ginger ale is tasty too.

Gingersnaps or gingerbread cookies made with real ginger are great too.

* Crackers - typically saltines work best.

* Dry toast

* Vitamin B-6 is believed to be very helpful with relieving nausea. However, if you have a difficult time keeping down vitamins - take them 30 minutes before bed (it's best not to lie down immediately after taking any vitamin or medicine).

* A diet with lower fats and higher in proteins and carbs will also help. But make sure those carbs are healthy ones such as whole-grains. Also eat smaller more frequent meals as opposed to large meals.

* Yogurt helps with replenishing good flora in your digestive track - which also helps. I like to make a strawberry smoothie with just plain yogurt, water, frozen strawberries and a bit of sugar...

* Olfactory remedies include: sniffing ginger, lemon peel, lavender oil and peppermint oil. Your brain will trigger responses to these smells which can alleviate nausea

* Sour food and/or drinks can help too. Freshly squeezed lemonade (go easy on the sugar)... pickles worked well for me too.

* Try not to drink with your meals - but between them.

I've tried it all... all of these work - even if only for a short time, they work. =)

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I actually tend to suffer from food poisonings a lot recently, not quite sure what it is, but they only last for a day which is nice except for the vomiting. Anyways, going to try your whole list... thank you!

Genevieve Petit

mint tea, ginger, pickels, sours also worked for me. it depends on each persons taste preferance.

i found i had to continuously drink mint tea because once it was colled down or finished, the nausea would come back full fletched. have aromas near, it should ease you a bit but wont stop it completely.

thank yo for your tips

Alice Hatter

While the other ideas are brilliant, I wouldn't recommend drinking raspberry leaf tea in the early stages of pregnancy; it can bring on contractions which would obviously be harmful to the unborn baby.

Dr. Jacobson

Raspberry Leaf tea causes the uterus to contract. It is not a good thing to drink during pregnancy. Sour drops(lemon drops) Really help with nausea


Pickel Juice


Thank you so much for these tips!


not bad, michelle. I appreciate it.

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