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This works great for me now read carefully.
First of all you need to have a full belly eat a good balanced meal. No fruits or orange juice acid taste in food... (ect) drink soda or gingeale with food I prefer cocacola or pepsi no orange soda or 7up or anything like that. Then take 2 pain relieving pills right after meal. Fill up a plastic 2 litter bottle with hot water and wrap a small towel around it. Lay down comfortably entertained to keep your mind off the pain and place the hot bottle on your lower belly. Your cramps should feel way lighter now. Keep eating bread (whole wheat if your watching ur weight) and no cheese or lemon or oranges. I suggest bananas and penut butter sandwhich and drink soda. And keep the bottle on ur belly. Its the best way.

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Those are alot of steps, but i suppose it pays off in the end


The bottle works but caffine seems to make me bleed heavier.


sugar only causes dehydration in your blood and circulatory system, please stay natural and extersize. relieves stress off your nerves and muscles, thus causing less bleeding and no cramps


I am having serious cramps, could it be associated with me taking lemon juice regularly?

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