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If u have split ends the best Remedy is to use the right products. I use to dye my hair and now that I let my natural color grow out my hair and ends are healthier than ever. I discovered if ur hair has a problem stick to one product that does good for u for example. I use treseme shampoo and conditioner for split ends. I have curly hair I was my hair every 2 or 3 days the most comb with a wide tooth comb and my ends look great. Also with this I've had less trims on my ends. My last ends cut was in september that's 6 months ago. Hair usually grows 1 inch every 4 months on most people. It worked for me so I do recomend this. Stop Dying ur hair and use products for split ends treatment for ur type of hair.

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BestMiracle xD

just put conditioner on the tips (: the split ends get sealed. lol,i looked that up and tried it and it works (:


Dying ur hair does nothing bad to it. It actually puts a lot of oils back into ur hair. It's bleaching that does the fried hair, sea weed hair, the NASTY blonde!!! (i mean the color not that the person is nasty)
Do the mayo an HOT olive oil!!! Its miricles!!!

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