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Someone on this site recommended using aloe vera gel for their psoriasis saying that they were afforded great relief. Well, I'm here to tell you that I am SO GLAD that I read this person's suggestion. Because I have scalp psoriasis, it's difficult to get anything past my hair and onto the scalp. I opted to use several fresh leaves from my aloe vera plant, carefully removing one side of the skin and scraping the inside jelly into a dish. I tried to mash and whip it with a fork, but it still stayed fairly slimy and my husband did his best to try getting it down onto my scalp. The next day my head felt better and, to my delight, the dried aloe 'goo' brushed out clean (quite the opposite of Vick's Vapo Rub!!). The next night I put the freshly scraped gel into my mini food processor and liquified it. I then took the metal tip off my poultry flavor infuser syringe and sucked up the liquid. My husband found that this was a much easier and effective method for application ... not to mention it gave him fuel to tease me about his 'basting' my head! :-) I've done this for 4 nights and my scalp is SO MUCH better!

Someone else mentioned mixing Neutragena T-Gel and T-Sal, which is what the dermatologist had recommended I do. I've not been impressed with the results. However, I did find a new shampoo at Wal-Mart called Dermarest (Del Pharmaceuticals). It is a shampoo/conditioner in one. While I still felt I needed to put conditioner on the ends of my (shoulder-length) hair, it didn't leave my scalp tight and dry feeling like the 50/50 mixture does.

So, right now I feel I'm on the right treatment path ... fresh aloe vera gel at night and the Dermarest shampoo a couple of times per week.

Also, do your best to keep your stress at bay, even if it means using herbal stress relievers. I am not an Herbalife distributor but I've tried one of their products called 'Relax Now' and it works quite nicely. Unlike St. John's Wort and some of the others, you can use it daily.

Has your dermatologist mentioned that psoriasis is an auto-immune disease and can be caused by an imbalanced immune system? Probably not. They're too into prescribing steroids and other disturbing pharmaceuticals. Plant sterols/sterolins have been found to put an immune system back into balance whether over-active or under-active. There is a product called 'Nature Leaf' that is said to have the highest, most effective concentration of plant sterols/sterolins currently on the market.

I hope that you can use this information and that it will help you as it seems to be doing for me. Take care.

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thanks for tip re aloe vera - giving it a try tonight and will report back soon

Priscilla from Maine

I have an aloe plant and will try it. I have that ugly stuff on my skin, not scalp. However, I do get it on my scalp every time I use any shampoo with coconut oil in it. Seems odd to me. Thanks for the tip. I am glad you have some relief. I hope you post again and let us know if it is still working.


Thanks for the tip.. I will try it on my son.. he developed Psoriasis soon after being put on HGH (Human Growth Hormone).. he was growth deficient. I kept telling the drs that the HGH has cuased his psoriasis and they all told me I was crazy, that there is no connection.. I truly believe that is where it started. and like you and everyone else on here, we have tried so many treatments to no avail.... I will definitely try the aloe


I have been reading a lot about this nature Leaf supplement. I have been diagnosed with scalp p . Willing to try about anything. The derma smooth the Dr percscribed is not working !!!

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