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Breast milk provides iron that can help with anemia, so breast feed infants if this is the source of the illness.

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i have recently been told by the dr. that my 16month old is lacking iron. i have breastfed her since she was born... the dr. told me that there is no iron in breastmilk and that it is very common that children who b/f are iron defency.. i did not know this so i did some research... and found out that babies come with iron store in their body for an average of six months and after this babies who are breastfed need either to eat lots of iron foods or be given iron vitamin drops..... i wish i would have known this before i feel so bad thinking that breastfeeding my child was the best thing for keeping her healthy.. im not saying its not im just saying that i wish i knew abou the iron.. then i would have b/f and given her iron on the side...


My Dr. had us use over the counter iron supplements once my babies were 4 mos old. The lifespan of red-blood cells (RBC) is about 120 days. So for the 1st 4 mos of life a baby has RBCs made while in utero and rich in iron. Formula has iron added, but breastfeeding is still the best. A daily dose of iron is recommended until adequate amount of iron can be obtained from diet either from formula if breastfeeding is stopped or iron-rich foods.

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