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15 Comments for the Fleas and Ticks Home Remedy


My dogs are on Raw Food and I never get any fleas. Garlic works as well.

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To Laura Barb, they called em hockey mom cause that's what name they used for their own comment....


I agree with hockey mom. Democrat is synonymous with idiot.
How that hope and change working out for ya?

Also. You can give garlic to your dog but it all depends on dose and frequency.


I am so glad to see that the polititians have a say in how to rid your dogs of fleas.
I would like to thank those with the helpful comments.


raw food for a dog will give them heart worms an as for garlic the vet will tell u to put just garlic pawder


I would think that if you were the dog person you say you are then you would know that Garlic can be Harmful to DEADLY to Dogs. What in the world are you thinkin. People just dont Get it!

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