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My dogs are on Raw Food and I never get any fleas. Garlic works as well.

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hockey mom

you must be a democrat


I heard that Garlic was harmful to dogs.

TN dog lover

You have got to be kidding! What does being a democrat has to do with his suggestion? That comment was totally unnecessay hockey mom. If I can recall most traditional people feed their dogs raw/ table food because that is what you all did back in the good ole days. Plus conservatives (republicans) are not up for change, including switching to dried dog food. Which we all know is better for the dog!

So please lets not go down that road!!!


Garlic is toxic to dogs, same with onions.

black rose DIYer

ok , political afilliation has nothing to do with this and garlic and onion, in nay shape or form is toxic to dogs cause it makes their red blood cells count go down and become anemic you my be helping them with the tick problem but a bigger one if being made cause of the garlic


RAW garlic is bad.


My dog is also on raw chicken diet has been for 2 years and we have not had to treat her once for flees or ticks our pom we just got and had for 1 week that is on normal dog food has flees so we are make her switch to raw. RAW RAW ALL THE WAY ITS BETTER FOR THEM!!!!


I learned many years ago from a country vet that knows his stuff, that if you boil rice, hamburger and garlic, it does wonders for your dog. The garlic is not toxic, or he would have never given me this information. Maybe in the raw form, but if you follow this recipe, your dog will benefit from better digestion and it boosts their general well being. Oh, and I'm a democrat...just in case the lunatic who brought that up is watching. lol

Laura Barb

Why would anyone assume the democrat remark came from a republican or even a hockey mom? I know people who don't even vote that use that kind of language all the time. They are called extremists. And extremists are like that in all aspects of life. We should all ignore them and their behavior and pray for them dailey. I know dems and repubs and independents who are all decent people who get along with one another because they have one goal in mind ... keeping America a great country. We all have pets with the same problems. So can we all be open to learning from one another... please?

Dann the Butcher

Dude, I think that you really don't know any republicans personally otherwise you would have not said such a dumb thing. ( you know who I'm talking too.) if you want to talk about the issues I invite you to take it up at 'American Patriot' at facebook.

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