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I was a serious insomniac for over half a year and lets face it prescription drugs are not the answer and herbal teas are not enough. What i have found highly beneficial is doing internal martial arts or Tao Yin. Tai Chi is an example of this. It is a moving meditation that relaxes the mind, body and shen all at the same time. After doing this exercise for 15mins 1/2 hour before bed you should start to feel sleepy, not only will it help you get to sleep it will help you stay asleep. The greatest thing about it is that you feel more positve during the day, and since i have been doing it my work and family life has increased dramatically. If you wish to have a drink after the exercise, I recommend half a small glass of hot water with sliced ginger and a table spoon of brandy to help sedate you even more.

I only expect you to take my advice if your serious about getting better.

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