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Tim Wodoslawsky

Hydrogen Peroxide
Soak your feet in a basin in over the counter Hydrogen Peroxide (Brown Bottle). Soak for 20-30 minutes. Save the same solution to repeat the following day. Twice is all that I do and it works.

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The Hydrogen Peroxide burns really really bad!! It burns worse than the Listerine. The Listerine also stops the itching...which the Peroxide did not do.


Did my first time yesterday and on my second day today. Yeah, it burns, but, I want this gone, and after yesterday I feel alot better. I'll let you guys know.

One thing though, I wouldnt recycle the peroxiyde, its cheap.... $0.89 a bottle (Large one)(Shop Rite) I bought 4 bottles just in case....


Did the second and it looked gone, but just to be sure I decided to try a third. WOW! Burned like He#@! I didnt even last 5 Minutes with 1 foot. I didnt bother with the other.

I was in training the past couple of days and my feet got sweety and ichy, so I did another shot today. The 1 foot was like dipping in to acid. lasted 5 min. The other foot that I didnt soak the other day, well I'm at 20 Minutes and not even a tingle.

I will keep you guys posted.

Also I've been using ARID EXTRA DRY, CLEAR GEll in the morning before I go to work, did I mention I'm a cop and this is common among us (Athletes Foot). Not sure but everything seems to be keeping in check.


My dad tried peroxide and it didnt work,although maybe he didnt do it long enough.
What seemed to work for him was soaking his hands in a water/bleach mix. I think he did that for around 10-20 minutes. He was actually cleaning bottles but this seemed to make it go away.It came back after almost a year though.


this doesn't work. don't bother trying. soaked my foot for 4 days now and nothing.


The Peroxide method is NOT recommended-especially if you have any open areas in the rash that athletes foot causes. Peroxide can cause a variety of problems internally if too much enters your body. While Listerine is a better alternative, white vinegar is the best and safest alternative (plus, the burning is much less intense and lasts only a few moments). Try adding table salt to your bath water or using tea (yes real tea bags) in a foot soak. It will dry out the rash and help you get rid of the athletes foot in a hurry!


I thought about this BEFORE I even came to this site, and I can tell you it does NOT work!! My feet bubbled right under the toes where I had the problem, and I thought 'Wow this might work!' But AFTER I dried my feet they hurt like hell!! I could barely walk on them!! I'm a server in a VERY busy restaurant so I kinda need my feet!! What DID work was soaking in vinegar and epsom salt. I then used a cheap athletes foot medicine on them after and it seems to be working!!

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