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I know that everyone is tired of going to the shower every day, and seeing those ugly stretch marks,some are light and some are dark but at the same time they are all still ugly. Now I am 22yrs old and no i dont have any children,yet i still have had stretch marks. I am going to tell you the remedy that i used to get rid of my stretch marks. It is very simple,what i do is,either i take a nice for shower or bath using a discoloration bar and a pure cocoa butter bar twice a day for about two weeks. I use the bars over my intire body so that everything would be even. Now you have to use the bars in circular motions so that it would lather nicely,you have to do this faithfully every time you get into the bath or shower. Once you get out the shower,slightly towel blot to get some of the water off but still remain a little damp. Then you get some cocoa butter lotion (perferrably palmers cocoa butter lotion)use over entire body focusing on the stretch marks and any other marks that you want to get rid of. Apply the lotion in circular motion,make sure that all the lotion is rubbed in very good before you put on any clothes. FYI= When you sweat,you will feel the lotion starting to drip depending on how much you use,so be careful.

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