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I have very bad dry scalp, lots of dandruff. I put Hydrogen Peroxide, which comes in a brown bottle on my scalp. Then I showered a few hours after. Took a few tries, but it worked.

Don't leave it on your hair overnight. When you come home from work/school. Put Hydrogen Peroxide on your scalp. Shower it off before bed.

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Hydrogen Peroxide is very drying to the scalp and kills natural bacteria that you need for your scalp to be healthy. If you do not want dried out hair and scalp DON'T TRY!


Not to mention it will dye your hair blonde.


ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THIS! Hydrogen Peroxide will bleach your hair and dry your scalp.


I used peroxide in my dark hair as a teenager and it turned orange. So unless you want a color change, I would not try this method.


Idk y this person is suggesting proxide but its very harmful for ur good bacteria n its also used for stripping the color from ur hair... So please disregarde

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