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Am 60...did Dr. Akins several years a go and ended up in the hospital. Today the things I do: eat organic when I can, taking molasses, vinegar and honey mix every day keeps lots of calicum et al and balance for my body. Eating alkaline foods vs acid foods. FYI: spices are alkanline, cabbage, water, lemons as example. Work at getting enough minerals every day 1,200 mg calicum, 600 mg magnesium, zinc and 3,500 potassium ....I keep cravings and over eating at bay! I'd say becareful of Metamucal. Is it mixed with sena which is a hard lax???? It's not regulated by the FDA (who knows what' in it) I'd stay with physium husk (take lots of water) if fiber is needed and staying with the right food fibers is important and calicum helps. I'll eat carrots in the afternoon and try to eat something dark green every meal ie, peas for breakfast. I have a computer diet program I use. The other thing I watch is my exterior. Hair, nails and skin. My nails use to be brittle and by taking enough minerals they are not that way anymore. If my nails are brittle my interior body is too! Yikes to think of brittle and soft veins. I mediate so-hummm often and feeling great, sleeping great and trying not to be stressed!

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