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After 3 day's of my right ear being clogged I finally started looking for a remedy.
I found this site and quickly found that every one has a different answer on what worked and what did not. After looking at other sites I found that the Hydrogen Peroxide remedy was more recommended then any other.
This method is taxing to say the least. Here are the steps I took.

1.) Gather up the items you need
c.)Towel or napkin
2.)Lay the Towel or napkin on you bed or floor.
3.)Fill your dropper with the Peroxide
4.)Lay on your side with the clogged ear up
5.)Fill ear with Peroxide and wait for fizzle
6.)When fizzling slows add more Peroxide from dropper
7.)After 10 minuets or so the fizzling should stop. This lets you know it has broken up the wax.
8.)Remove Towel or napkin from under you head, place it over you ear and sit up to let drain.
9*.)Place your thumb behind your ear and push forward to loosen the clog

You should feel a difference how ever depending on how bad the clog is you may have to do this a few times (I had to do it 4 times).

*This may not be necessary if after step 8 the clog is gone however after 4 tries I found this to 'pop' the clog.

Do not try this remedy if you have jaw pain or ear pain already present it could worsen your condition.

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thanks for the remedy and yes it works but you need to dilute the peroxide with a little water and still works great thanks again.

tiffany cady moore

This will not work if it is clogged in the inner ear, only if the outter ear has wax. If you have tried this and its not wax, or you just know it is the inner ear, then try this instead: I have a solution on my site that I explain in full but you have to got here to read it. Google this to find it: 'clogged ear due to sinuses' then look for the link to the tcady web site - they won't let me post a link here due to spam, but this is not spam. You can get the solution at your local drug store, it is nothing I am selling. Check it out.


I tried this in the steps listed and it works!! My ears feel 100% better and my hearing is restored. My ears have been clogged up for a week because of sinus. As I write this, my ears are still bubbling and it feels so good!



I just tried 1-8 steps and yes it really works, my husband told me to do the same thing. The only way this will work with the peroxide is if you get the ear syringe to suck the wax out of the ear. I repeated the steps 4 times and it worked. I feel so much better!Thanks


This really works, Thanks so much!


Thank you for this remedy. It worked great and I feel much better now that I can hear from both ears. =)


The site is a scam don't go there, they want money $5 for their instructions, so it is SPAM!


Thanks. Sore left nostril - red on outside. Then left eat got clogged. Couple days and teh hp helps. Esp useful is the thumb (or fingers) behind the ear to loosen clog. Bit of Vicks Vapo Rub in nostril helps too but can be bit yucky when passes thru into mouth!
Worse part can be how balance gets thrown off. Bad enough to have blocked hearing but then to be wobbly too....


Thanks for sharing in this wonderfully free and open format.

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