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I feel that the best thing to do is after you have a child and you get the okay to start working out then do so! I am 21 and had a child 17 months ago and I have started working out and of course applying moisturizing lotion. Also, I use a one of those hard scrubbers...that you find at walmart. I believe that it's in section with foot scrubs, face masks, etc. I use that in the shower in place of a regular wash cloth and they only cost 3 or 4 dollars...Depending on what style or how rough you want it....Honestly, I have been through at LEAST 20 different lotions and no matter how big the word 'FIRMING' is never works! To make a long story short. Firming loss and tore skin is a time consuming process that will take time and definiely WON'T happen over night. It took most of us 9 months to get the way we are and will probably take us 5 times longer to for us to achieve our physical (and emotional!) goal. Please believe that I am on your side and wish everyone a fast and glamorous look, but I just don't believe stretch marks just disappear...I wish everyone that reads this the best of luck and remember...we are still beautiful...

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