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For the Most part I live a VERY healthy lifestyle, in the gym 6 days a week, I eat right and love life.
Im not a fan of doctors or medicine, I think it's all a scam (Do they really make money off curing people??)

I contracted Herpes from a guy I had been seeing almost a year ago(we always used protection, fyi), and of course he told me he never knew he had it.

My first OB was excruciating. I ended up taking Valtrex.. I refuse to take some prescription drug everyday for the rest of my life, God only knows the long term affects of that.

I have desperately been seeking an alternative for about a year now.
I've tried Tea Tree, L-lysine (orally and topically), Red Marine Algae (which i wasn't too consistant with)
I cut arginine from my aminos (I took it for body building) Started REALLY watching what I ate, cutting anything potentially stressful from my life (which can be hard with a 6 yr old daughter) I had read up on this 'Colloidal silver' but never stayed consistant.

I usually have my OBs around the time of my monthly cycle, I just got over an OB and two days later, my glands were swollen, the itch was indescribable, and sure enough the next day (yesterday) a little cluster had appeared.

The OB I just got over lasted a week. I was taking L-Lysine @ 6,000 mg spread out for 3xs a day.
I decided that wasnt working.
After doing some more reading I saw this 'Colloidal Silver' again.
So what the hell, right??

Yesterday I took 1 tsp 4 times on an empty stomach (mine is 30 ppm from vitamin shoppe) and I also applied it topically. I had a sore in my mouth and a cluster of blisters 'down town'

There was still some itching, but significantly reduced.. today I woke up to no mouth pain and a cluster of scabs with Normal Glands.

Supposedly it can take up to 4 days to feel benefits from this Colloidal Silver.. I encourage you to do your dudilligence and I hope it works as mircally for you as it did for me =)

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Silver Schmilver

As you stated, do your research indeed! Take a gander at www dot rosemaryjacobs dot com for some eye opening information on Silver.

I've done a ton of research and the risk is not worth it.


I have genital herpes that I caught from a man over 18 years ago. I only used Valtrex maybe twice since I got it. I was upset at first but I got over it, after a while. The outbreaks are irritable, but I endure it. When I get an outbreak it either comes on either side of my private area. I only get them every so often, especially if I'm stressed. I do not take anything for my outbreaks. I just use DIAL(antibacterial) hand soap when I get the outbreaks. I apply the soap to the open sore, and let it sit for a second, then rinse it off. I seem to work for me. They only stay for about 3to5 days max. I enjoy intercourse, so that's hard when I have a outbreak. I make sure that my areas are cleaned very well, and shaving helps also. I just had an outbreak last week, and it's dried up already. I keep they hand soap handy just for that purpose. Thanks... Ms.R.

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