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I started smoking when I was 13. I am now 47 shy of 2 months being 48. I used cigarettes more or less for my nerves not habit. I have tried to quit a few times in my life with no success, until one day I ended up in the ER with food poisioning, or so I thought. I found out I had pneumonia. Strange thing, I didnt cough, run a fever, or feel sick other than my stomach. I had full blown pneumonia. I sat in my bed afraid to fall asleep because I was afraid I would not wake back up. I couldnt breath. Oh, I was trying to, and I had to not panic and take little breaths. I got thru the night and the next day, fluid was drawn off my lungs. I could breath again. Doctor says I have some copd. It wont get worse as long as I quit smoking. I did quit. If you want to know what its like. One night when you are watching tv, breath only thru a straw, and your nose, you can remove the straw when you cant take it no more and remember when it gets that bad from smoking, you cant make it better. Its like drowning above water. I am fortunate. God gave me the strength to quit. I still have my days, but I have listed some things that have helped me.
I gently chew on whole cloves. chew on a straw. I keep jelly beans and spice drops around. Almonds and nuts are good too as well as raisins. I keep something to drink at all times around me. I make sure its healthy and not real fattening. Its only been 2 months for me, but already I can breath better, my sense of smell is better (cigs stink!!!!), and I can taste better too. I still have a long way to go, it was my choice and I will continue to stay smoke free and I pray that all who read this will be inspired to quit, and maybe find something here that can help you on your journey to quitting, and I pray that God will you strength to quit.

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Thank you for this information. I am trying to stop smoking and I will try the home remedies and find more remedies and will get back to you. thank you and I pray God give us all the strength to quit and stay quit.


Try sucking on icecubes. That helped a lot for me as well. Also try eating sesame seeds. I needed something to do and opening those DAMN sesame seeds proved to be a challenge for me and kept me preoccupied and my mind off cigarettes.


Omg!, I swear what you wrote was about me.
Same age when starting and same age when trying to quit. I also was diagnosed with COPD. Your story has really inspired me.
Thank you for sharing. :)


Its kind of sad that a person can only change or quit in this situation that quickly when its life threatening... Its like people know how life threatening it can be but ignore it until they are in that situation. I am trying to stop before it comes to that point but still don't know how since I never quit before smoking now 13yrs.


Thank you for your honesty. I was sitting here
This Christmas wanting to quit. I just turned
50 and my blood pressure has been high. Never had that problem, but I know it us because of smoking and quitting will be the best thing for me. I know I need God's strength to do it

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