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allum powder: I spend at least half of my time with at least one horrible canker in my mouth. They get enormous and rarely heal in less than two weeks. I have tried medications and toothpastes even from other countries trying to get rid of these things. However, the thing that I have been trying lately is something that my grandmother told me when I was a kid. You put allum powder on the canker sore and it will really help it heal. If I use the allum powder when the canker is just starting it doesn't seem to help a whole lot, but if I wait until the 3rd or 4th day of the canker, then coat the canker in alum powder before I go to bed (mind you this burns like nothing I have ever felt before). In the morning if I have gotten it completely covered the night before then there is no indentation left and the white will have black spots. After about an hour or so I can just peel the white covering on the canker off and then there is nice pink flesh underneath. If I keep the canker clean after that, it is usually healed in another couple of days. For me this is at least 1 to 2 weeks quicker than normal stuff. If you try this please be careful because the alum powder is some powerful stuff. I hope that it won't give me cancer or something. The other night I got too much and I had some blisters on the area around my canker. If you prefer to use alum rocks then just break off a couple of chunks and tuck them next to the canker and the next day the miracle will be starting.

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I use the exact thing! It burns veryy bad but helps within other medicines work at all.I'm also hoping it won't cause diseases of sorts:/

Taylor (age 12)



This really does work!!!I put a coat of it over the sore before bed and place a cotton ball over the area to keep it dry and it is gone by morning!

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