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Eli Smith

Put 100% petrolium jelly on your face(or wherever you are red) and devote a few hours to having on your face. Once you wipe it off, your face will be a little red for about 10 to 15 minutes, but then ur skin is feeling cool and comforatable afterwards. I use pro-active on my face and it worked so horribly that it actually burnt my face. My face was red and peeling for days until I tryed petroleum jelly. My facial redness was so bad I actaully had to devote three days to it though. It really works, try it!!

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does this work on acne scarring? like little red bruises?


ok im keeping a log to see if this works it is 9:00 rite now ill check back in at 11:45 to see if this works.


now its 11:45 and this this treatment did not not work for me my face is still red


will plug the pores.

instead use aloa vera gel after washing.


Aloe Vera is not good for redness. Will only make it more red.


My manicurist told me don't use creams with petroleum or mineral oil. Albolene cleansing cream on my face softens and keeps the redness away.

Lobster cheeks

In terms of having a red face when feeling overheated or embarrassed, aloe Vera worked awesome for me...even dabbling some behind the ears seems to cool me down for those who have irritable completions from aloe Vera and/or other creams. A green powder makeup also helps cancel out the red effects.

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