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Lynn Ann Lee

Last year (2006) I was told by my doctor that I had toenail fungus. I am now over it (2007)—but not due to anything my doctor did. He prescribed some topical medication, but how do you get it to the fungus? The nail itself protects the fungus from topical salves or soaks. Anyone who tells you to soak your feet in a solution that totally cured it for them—either has lost his toenail, or the nail is so crumbly that it can no longer keep water from penetrating below the nail. My toenail got crumbly at one point, but quickly returned to normal when I began to use a sunlamp.
Let me explain. I read up on this type of fungus. It loves warm, moist, dark places. A restriction of airflow suits it also. Change those conditions and a fungicide is unnecessary. Start wearing sandals, no socks, 24/7. For many that is impossible, but do the best you can when you can. Also use a sun lamp as much as possible, but as little as 2 minutes twice a day will cure the condition. The more exposure--the quicker the cure.
If you do not have a sunlamp, you could try just an extremely bright light bulb down close to your feet. That might work just as well. I don’t know, because I didn’t try that, but I would be interested to know if that would do it. (Caution: when using the sun lamp—you cannot look directly at it without damaging your eyes. Keep a magazine between it and your eyes.)
While you are exposing the affected nail to the light, expose all of your nails on both feet. This will deter your other nails from getting the problem.
Others with toe nail fungus say I have recovered in record time, and believe me the treatment is a lot less messy than soaking in this and that. It is definitely worth a try, and it does not preclude your using other treatments at the same time, if you think you have found one that works.

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To Lynn Ann Lee,

Thank you for your post, I've been sold on this idea for a while! If you could answer the following question I will be forever greatful. The sun lamp that you used, was it a 'UV sunlamp' or was it UV filtered, so, just light?

I can't logic my way through which kills fungus, light or UV.

Thanks again!


Yeah I agree. There was something that I read one time where you can use a UVB light. Im not sure if its the one that looks like a black light or not. but I was told that if you use it for about 10 minutes a day that it would help to kill it off.


U.V. Light will help to kill any bacteria/ virus present, that's why hairdressers use UV lamps to sterilise their equipment.

Tincture or Myrrh also works a treat, soaked twice a day, but it will discolour the skin.....also a treat for mouth ulcers!


This guy works for a nail fungus company. It just works 4 weeks. Bull shit.... and that terifin crap that doctor prescribed almost killed me

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