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My chiropractor told me that back pain means inflammation and the best treatment is an ice pack. I go to bed with one wrapped in a towel and usually fall asleep on it and wake up feeling much better. Another of his suggestions was to lie on a tennis ball where you think it hurts. You can move the tennis ball around as needed and it DOES hurt for awhile, but then the pain wanes and you get relief. I was skeptical too at first, but it works for my back pains. The trick is to find the right spot so move it frequently. A good way to stretch the lower back is to put your leg on something waist high (I use my dining room table or the bathroom counter top) and gently stretch in both directions. This works wonders as well!

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I actually use a rolled up pillow case or towel instead of a tennis ball. It doesn't help temporarily...


I had terrible back ache after giving birth to my little girl a few months ago. i tried laying on an acupressure mat.
i laid on it for three nights in a row and felt so much better.
now i lay on it every time the back ache comes back...


Idiot, ice is horrible for back pain!! Use heat

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