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wart-free (GARLIC MAGIC)


If You've tried all sorts of Meds and remedies and you just can't get rid of the darn warts. Here is what you do, this is from personal experience by the way. Either blend smooth Garlic or crush if you don't have a blender. I like to cook with Garlic so I had it ready and in the freezer to keep fresh. So what I did was(after washing hands:-)just took about one table spoon from my cooking portion and put it into a sandwich bag(zip bag or whatever)just to separate the cooking Garlic from the one you'll be using as a remedy. Ok, so this is how you'd apply it. Take about 1/4 teaspoon or as needed to over area of wart(s), the great thing is that you've made this Garlic into like 'paste' you just spread it on area. And it will stick, cuz Garlic naturally has a bit of stick to it, so while you're at home just watching tv or just reading(chillin') put on and relax and most importantly take your mind off what just did. I say this cuz if you just keep fussing over the discomfort/heat/stinging it will seem forever to wait 20min which is all you need each night for about a week(it depends of the depth or seriousness of the warts). If you can leave it on for like an hour(1hour)it would be better. I know that Garlic is a bit unpleasant to smell for that long but it will be worth it when you're wart-free. BELIEVE me. Before I tried GARLIC I tried Apple Cider Vinegar which also works for some people, it seemed to work slower for me...and having these damn warts, you just can't afford to waste time and you want to get rid of them ASAP!!! So I tried it and I was amazed!!! One last note, if you find applying GARLIC every day(which by the way if you can do it twice a day it will only hurry the process)to be too much...then just do it every 2days, that way you'll allow some time for some healing. What causes stinging and heat from hell is cuz the wart was attacked by the garlic and is dying(like an open wound)...Hope this HELPS SOME ONE OUT THERE - PLEASE KEEP CONSISTENCY FOR BEST RESULTS - GOOD LUCK TO ALL...

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Thank you for the suggestion but when you put this paste on the warts do you cover it ot leave it as. Then, how do you sit or is ok to sit on it. Let me know I am anxious to use it. Thank you so much and God bless.

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