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They make ear cones at any health store you lite the end of the cone on fire, lay on your side, and you can feel it pull the fluid out of your ears. You ear ache will feel much better as soon as you lite the cone and place it in your ear.

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This is a hoax. They don't work, aren't safe or recommended.


I am an audiologist & can attest to the fact that ear candling is not only ineffective, but is very dangerous! When people have ear candling done 'professionally,' the 'professional' will unroll the candle to show how much wax was removed. Read on to see why this is a lie. Take an ear candle, hold it in your hand (do NOT put it in your ear canal), light it, & let it burn as the package instructs. If you unroll it, you will see the 'ear wax' it has removed. Even though the candle was not in your ear, it managed to get the wax out. Amazing, huh?

Whether performed by one of these so-called 'professionals' or by yourself, you run the risk of dripping HOT WAX INTO YOUR EAR CANAL! Eardrums are VERY sensitive & the pain is very intense.

If you don't want to go to the doctor, buy Debrox ear wax softener or just use a syringe to squirt a 50/50 mix of water & hydrogen peroxide into your ear canal. This should only be performed if your eardrums are intact! If you have tubes in your ears or are aware of any perforations, do not squirt any liquid into your ear canals. If you are not sure, go see an audiologist who can tell you if your eardrum is intact.


why would anyone want to put fire on their face? or ear?

Elizabeth E Behon

I don't care about what the prior comments were...I just did the candle ear wax removal...and I am amazed at how much better I hear, and feel in my ears...and in my throat...I have had horrible pain off and on for years...and no one could help me...until I happened to mention how badly my ear hurt while at my chiropractors office getting masso therapy. She told me about the ear candles for wax removal...she bought them for me and gave them to me on my next visit, which was yesterday, and told me how to do it and have my husband help. Well last night I did it and both my husband and I were amazed at how much ear wax was drawn out of each ear...and I can hear better today, my throat feels better even though no one claimed it does...and my pain in my ear is GONE.

This is not a works...make sure you have the candle in so that no smoke can come from around the candle in your ear...I thank God...someone cared enough to share this with me. I want to do it again to make sure all of the wax is out...because I had so much come out blocked up the candle.

Thank you to both Yasman, and Emily at Northfield Chiropractic and Rehabilitation - they care:


Ear candles. Try the hand test with the ear candle - you will see the same amazing results as when you used it in your ear. The reason you 'feel' better is because of the smoke - herbal or not - that is created. It does make it's way thru your sinuses. It may soften the ear wax but the suction created from the candle does nothing. Please be careful not only will the wax from the candle burn you but the heat can travel down the cone with the wax and burn your ear. It is painful. I'm still trying to figure out what to do but i know the candle is not the answer for me.


I to tried ear candling with a horrible experience ! The flame was sucked into my ear, causing severe pain. The doctor said I was lucky I didn't lose my hearing, but it has been significantly lowered

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