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I have a couple of remedies, but my favorite is boiling water for tea, and then steeping crushed red pepper and ginger in it instead of tea (I do this by wrapping the red pepper and ginger in a coffee filter). Don't let it get too strong for your own heat/spice tolerance. I also leeave a cinnammon stick in the water. Then, I add tons of honey, a little sugar (to taste) and some fresh squeezed lemon juice. I leave a little bit of lemon rind in the water after squeezing out the juice. I breathe in the vapors while everything is steeping, then I drink this 'tea,' preferably in the early stages of the sore throat. I go to bed right away. When I wake up, I'm usually OK. It's a way of fending off a full-blown sore throat when you know it's on the way.

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This Sucks

Wow this remedy Sucks monkey eggs.LOL! I hate you whoever mad me beileve that that crap would help. Dont waste your time with that junk try the boiling lemonade thing that works great and taste great too! OMG i hate your dumb gross remidy!!!!!!!!! OMFG EWWWWWWWW!!!


This comment is to the person who commented on this remedy. Your comment just shows what an idiot you are - you can't even put together a sentence without a swear word in it. You've obviously have never had a real sore throat. And by the way, it may taste horrible but it WORKS!


my throat has been hurting for the past few days and i finally broke down and decided to try a home remedy. this one didn't take too long to make and i had most of the ingrediants.
i didn't have a cinnomon stick so i used powder, and instead of red peppers i used chili powder.
It was absolutely disgusting, but my throat felt better within a few sips. So hold your nose and down a cup, cuz it works.

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