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Genital wart, and all other wart removal:

I've had genital warts for the past ten years. Over that time I've been treated by several dermatologists and yet my warts continued to return. It was very frustrating, stressful and needles to say elimated any potential intimate relationships in my life. The Vinegar and cotton with tape works, but is not a life time solution..There is a very good chance the wart or warts will return because the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus) is still in your body. Over the past two years I've researched more topics on warts than you can imagine....I am now and have been entirely free from any warts returning for over a year and a half. Understanding what causes an infection like this is beneficial to treatment. Warts are growths on the skin caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. HPVs produce proteins that interfere with cell function preventing excessive growth, including the growth of tumors. This family of viruses, including those that cause warts, are transmitted through contact. Even though warts present externally, internal treatment (boosting your immune system with good diet, appropriate herbs and vitamins) used in conjunction with topical treatment will greatly increase long-term cure rates. Anything acitic combined with Aspirin, is the active ingredient in wart removers, it's saliclic acid, which is aspirin. Anything acitic will remove the wart, lime juice, vinegar, pinapple, vitamin C, etc. The one that worked the best for me was a paste of aspirin and vinegar placed on the wart, let the paste dry then cover with tape over night. Because the genital area is so sensitive placing and containing the saliclic acid on just the wart was less painful. It took me three days to remove the smaller ones, five days to entirely remove the bigger ones from my penis. In a day or two they will turn black, continue to apply until they have fallen off on their own, do not, peal off. But the most important part in this is your continued maintenance to boost your immune system to prevent their return. Elderberry extract which can be purchased in any health foods store will boost your immune system, and in many cases destroy the HPV virus entirely...There are a few additional supplements along with elderberry extract that I use, but won't get into at this time...If you do a google search 'elderberry extract, warts' you will run across these additional supplements. Elderberry extract can also be used to remove the warts without any pain whatsoever, but it will take longer...Here is the formula: Elderberry extract taken internally three times a day. 30 drops in a drink (each dose is 700 MG of Elderberry Extract)Take the 700 MG each day until they are gone, this will usually take from one to two months. Then take one dose each day to boost your immune system each day.

Best wishes to all.

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hahahaha owned


What kind of aspirin excedrin or advil? How much aspirin should be used. Also just tape right over the warts? Can someone plase help me! Time is needed

joe 6-pak

hey instead of tape (which i am allergic to) i just used a rubber band..not too tight but just tight enough to hold the cotton ball in place and it worked great

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