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My cousin had the worst ear aches ever. She tried everything and they kept coming back. The doctors even wanted to put tubes inside her ears. It was to expensive for my aunt to pay for so my grandmother suggested that she used a drop or two of her own pee. It may sound grose and you may not want to try it but she never got another ear ache again. Another quick fact is the military tells you to use pee on wounds out on the field becuase its sterile.

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new believer

This morning, about an hour into work I felt an ear ache/infection coming on. I always get ear infections following any cold/flu/sinus type of thing so it wasn't too surprising. I started looking up home remedies and scrounging through my desk looking for anything that might help. Well, I don't keep garlic or olive oil at work so I was left with only one option. I put a couple drops of pee in my ear (peed on a piece of tp and then squeezed a few drops). I tried to keep my head tilted to the side and kept swallowing, feeling it move down into my ear canal. Although very skeptical (eww) its been about half an hour and my ear feels COMPLETELY back to normal. woo hoooooo



When i was 5 years old a lady told my mother to do this. So we decided hey why not so we did it. It worked awesomely. I havent had an earache since i was nine. Untill now and im almost 18 yrs old. And its xmas and i culdnt hear and it hurt so bad. & it was late so i peed on a cotton ball and stuck it in my ear. No more pain. I swear by this indeed. They even tell u to put urine on a sty to cure it! Baby pee or ur own e. Ive been on this paige4 a few things and it still hasnt let me down. I got a sty a boldsore and an earach all in xmas weekej dont knock untill u try it ppl.


I don't mean to comment on the effectiveness of this remedy as I have no idea. For the record though the military does NOT recommend peeing on wounds nor using urine for any treatments whatsoever. None. I have heard some soldiers say that they pee on athletes foot, but these are individual soldiers bringing their remedies from home to the military. That was debunked by medics which tells me it's nothing like official 'military' advice. As a combat lifesaver, I can assure you if I had ever peed on a soldier's wound I would be swiftly punished.


I just had my wife piss in my ear and it kind of turned me on and led to great sex... I forgot all about the earache!


Hmmm. That's interesting since I read in my buddy's official Army Survival Handbook issued to him by the US army about just these types of remedies. Not that I'm going to try it, but get your facts straight.


Y'all just totally crack me up. Agree with the others here, if you want to preach about antibiotics then why the heck are you posting on a home remedy page? Good grief. Urine is 'nasty,' is it? Well, let's see... my degree is in microbiology so let me clue you to a few things. Urine is not from waste filtration, but from BLOOD filtration. Toxins are removed from the bloodstream by the liver, and those are passed as SOLID waste. This purified blood goes on to the the kidneys, where it is further filtered and balanced for optimal nutrient/mineral/salt concentrations in the blood. It is not 'nasty' stuff, it is simply excess, it is the result of our kidneys balancing the nutrients and salts and minerals in the bloodstream and filtering out what is not needed *at that moment* by the body, or in order to keep the amount of such nutrients balanced in the bloodsteam. Urine, actually, is pretty close to blood in its overall makeup. As such, it is very nutrient and mineral rich, and it is full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and ANTIBODIES, meaning that yes, it does indeed have medicinal properties and has been used as such by primitive cultures for ages. Urine may be a 'waste' fluid but it is sterile, meaning, no living stuff in it. Unless you have both an ear AND a urinary tract infection, your chances of getting something going from the urine are pretty nonexistent. If you use a midstream sample (meaning, start peeing and let the first little bit go, then put a cup under the stream and catch the middle part) then you are not going to have much, if any, opportunity to get anything infective in the pee. Urine is good for more than just earaches, actually. It has been used for psoriasis, MS, lupus, cancer, etc etc. The fact is, your own urine contains your OWN antibodies, so in a way it is personalized medicine. Furthermore, who are you guys to knock it if you haven't tried it? Go on to the nice doctor and have them give you antibiotics if you are so squeamish. Be REALLY sure not to do any homework on what goes INTO those antibiotics, though. You might just find it is 'gross,' for example penicillin is made from a MOLD. Gross? No. SCIENCE.


i mite achally try this im in soo much pain keep crying and tryed lots of stuff ear drops oliv oil heat and onion steam traped in a jar and none of that worked and am despreat for the pain to go have hardley sleept in 3 days dont need a piss right now tho but hopefully soon and hope it works fingers crossed


I've been dealing with a bad inner ear infection for 3 months now with bad vertigo to go along with it,my Dr gave me antibiotics and a steroid sinus spray to no avail I was at my Whits end being a musician and audio recording engineer I was freaking out thinking my career was over I couldn't hear and ever time I put pressure on my head or coughing or hell farting for that matter,sent my world spinning to the floor! I thought I had a brain tumor or aliens had control of my brain I was literally going nuts from the pain and pressure of my ears,so a buddy of mine said he had bad ear infections and he cures his by pissing in his ears,I about fell to the floor laughing, literally because of vertigo and laughing my ass off,I thought he was bullshiting me or blowing smoke up my arse, but no shit I was at my wits end with nothing to lose I pissed in my ears and like miracle from above it worked! Within an hr or so the pressure had gone I could hear better and the pain went away after 3 months of pure hell,I'm pissing in my ear again morning piss for good measure to give that ear infection the double wammy,thank God for my pee!!!

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