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My cousin had the worst ear aches ever. She tried everything and they kept coming back. The doctors even wanted to put tubes inside her ears. It was to expensive for my aunt to pay for so my grandmother suggested that she used a drop or two of her own pee. It may sound grose and you may not want to try it but she never got another ear ache again. Another quick fact is the military tells you to use pee on wounds out on the field becuase its sterile.

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I used this remedy before. I had an ear infection before and my sister in law told me to put a few drops of my own urine into my ear. I thought it was disgusting and i wouldnt do it. she told me that the acid from the pee and the bacteria will kill the bacterial infection in my ear. i decided to try it because it was killing me and believe it or not it worked within a few minutes. i wasnt in any pain.


You guys are discustingly sick. There are millions of other acidic formulas to use instead of PISS !!!


I agree, urine is waste. Disgusting.


Now really thats nasty, i just got an ear infection and went to this website and this really made me laugh, pee is the last thing I would use, sorry but thats nasty


Urine is considered sterile in the sense that it normally should not contain bacteria. Bacteriuria is the presence of bacteria in the urine, that is not attributed to contamination from the skin, foreskin, or vagina. Although urine produced freshly by the kidneys is sterile (unless the individual has a kidney infection), it can become infected with bacteria or yeast in the presence of a urinary tract infection. Sometimes an individual may have bacteria in the urine in the absence of symptoms of a urinary tract infection (asymptomatic bacteriuria).

Urine has been used in cultural remedies . But maybe dangerous due to infections.


It does kinda sound like it may work... but pee is tha last last thing that would eva go inside my ear..... SORRY!!!


I'm sorry, urine isn't sterile once it's exposed to air. I agree with some other posters in that there are many other acidic alternatives that would do the same thing. Now if you were stranded somewhere and had absolutely nothing else to use, then urine might then become an acceptable alternative for some people.


Pee might sound nasty but, if you are a single mom with a screaming child and you have no money for a doctor then you will do what you have to do. My daughter was crying in the middle of the night with an ear ache and the neighbor told me about this. I had my daugher pee in a cup and put some in her ear and we both got a good nights sleep. You do what you have to do.


urine therapy has been around for thousands of years. I found a picture of Kissinger at a urine conference wish I had saved it. after all he wrote the depopulation plan.
urine therapy YES! Proverbs 5:15


Some comments are so strange here.. It's a HOME-REMEDY site, people. If you want antibiotics, what are you doing here??? :) Then, why is your own pee gross to you? :) I bet your ear doesn't hurt THAT bad then :) Because when you're in pain, you'd do ANYTHING!

In any case... this remedy does work. It eliminated the shooting pain in my ear within minutes. It's 20 min later right now and i feel a very slight pain only when i swallow. I'll repead the procedure in a couple of hours. Thanks for submitting such a great remedy. Not everyone has a bunch of oils at hand that other people recomment... but the urine - it's always there ;) Thanks again!

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