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I get UTI when i hold in my pee. You know how sometimes you are not completely awake and are too lazy to go to the bathroom waiting for the alarm to go off first?... Yeah, not a good idea. Anyway, drinking cranberry juice (a must!), a lot of water, and herbal tees during the day is the key. Just drink A LOT OF FLUIDS at the first sign of infection and you will avoid going to your doctor for antibiotics... which could give you another problem - yeast infection :)

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Which is a common problem also.. A yeast infection, normally follows a UTI. That is why it is imperative to wash xtremely good during the course of a UTI. Also if you are at home, avoid wearing underwear and tight pants. If you have to wear underwear, wear panties that only have a white cotton lining. It seems that colored panties w/out the white cotton lining have dyes that can irritate and can also you to get a yeast infection. Sometimes you can start with a UTI and end up with a yeast infection and it can be hard to tell which one is more painful

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